Where did the travel agents go?



Where did the travel agents go you ask yourselves?Are they gone with the Dinosaurs yet? We did have a president say we would be extinct by now!

Travel Agents are stronger than ever, booking travel in a busy world, where we all like to relax, and do not have the time to look ourselves so we hit the internet hoping to get that great deal!

Then we get our products, or go on vacation realizing we should of hired an expert, or looked at the reviews first before paying out hard earned money to tell you what you want to hear in person, instead of listening to your questions, and needs first.


Top 4 Questions to ask before you book your Vacation!

1.Will I only be working with you, if I have to call back?

Good customer service says YES.

2.Have you went to school to book travel, are you certified, have you been there, do you have reviews?

Right answer is YES.

ABC Travel, CLIA, IATAN, Disney College Of Knowledge & Destination Genie Disney

Ongoing webinars, seminars every month.


3.What hours are you open, and how do you handle emergencies?

Answer they better have right away!

Monday – Friday from  12PM -8PM

Emergencies- We will call you back within an hour, and that is if we do no answer the phone first.

We have you text in emergencies


4.What three things can you tell me are the best about my destination?

Anyone booking you should know your destination and have been there.