Ladies, What do you bring for a weekend/weekdays trip mixing business/pleasure?

Ladies remember no matter where we are we can shop.Let's get back to packing!

My husband can never say how many luggages again!

Four pairs of pants I like palazzo rayon casual black, blue, poko dos etc flared pants flattering for all sizes.

Seven shirts, blouses etc., why seven, I can never decide which color or style I want to wear until I get dressed. 

I know some people lay out there clothes the night before I refuse, it takes away my artistic ways and plus I would be thinking they are not where they belong in the middle of the night. To each their own as they say.

I love tunics all shapes and sizes and lengths again works well for all shapes and sizes, and heights.

Shoes I think a pair a nice looking tennis shoes for comfort, 3 pair of nice ballet type casual shoes, and for the ladies that like heels bring em along. I am tall already so I will stick with the cute stylish ballet flats you can where with a dress or pants.

Ok Jewelry my favorite part, when I travel I leave my real stuff at home and you have all brands or you can make your own which I have tendency to do, plus I love uniqueness, not trends.

I still wear my wedding ring that I am not trading in for plated or sterling.

Jackets, coats, Whatever I am wearing on the plane is what jacket or coat is with me.

Sometimes I will pack another light jacket season dependent.

I am not getting into undergarments as I would have no idea what others like! Tip Just don't forget them.

This set of clothes above and  you should be able to bring a carry on, your computer and your purse.

I always bring a good book, little flashlight, screwdriver, sewing kit, and extra gloss for my lips.

Have fun wherever you are going and safe travels!

Paula Honroth Travel Blogger at Wild Fun Travel Women Owned Business

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