Why have confidence in booking with Wild Fun Travel?

©®wildfuntravel.com/Paula Honroth-I have been in the travel industry over 25 years, and had my own successful travel business from home for the last 12 years and I am partnered with the #1 Travel agency in the US in cruises and tours.

​My suppliers back me up and refer me, I don’t need a surplus to back me up nor do I want one, my customers are my best referrals and always will be.

I go out of my way for my customers and have had to go to bat for them.​

When looking for travel I have thousands of suppliers and I read the fine lines, including legal.

How many of you get on booking.com, Expedia, Priceline to name a few surplus booking website out their?

Not reading those fine lines may cost you your vacation, your happiness and sanity during vacation, and how would you feel if you got to your destination and they overbooked and put you in another resort or hotel that is less stars or not up to your standards or dirty.(I have many customers who have come my way from experiences from surplus companies) The saying you get what you pay for rings true.

Things that are important with any great travel agent is they have 


  1. Certifications,Certified, and Customer Service Training

2.Monthly Training, Hotel Inspections, Cruise Ship Inspections Etc.​

3.E&O Insurance

4.Customers referrals

5.Connections such Referrals from their suppliers.

6.Reputable companies that regulate travel CLIA, IATAN, Travel Leaders Etc.

​7. It is very important they have traveled to your destination of choice, would you want someone telling about a product they have never used.

8.My most important choice when choosing any company out there is, how many people am I going to be dealing with, Is this a company where every time I get a different person and a different answer, there is never a manager or owner to be found, there is no customer service training, I cannot understand a word yet I speak English (Find out there not even in my country)

9.​I love customer service, speaking with same person, and where if I have any emergency I am only speaking with that one person.

​10.I look for contracts that are clear and easy to read.

11.​ Confidentiality-This is for all my customers.

A+ Excellence


Knowledge Is Power When Booking Your Vacation You May Want A Travel Agent In Your Time Of Need Before During And After Your Vacation.

For Those Of You Who Want To Book Your Own Stay I Get It We Have Provided You With The Competitive Edge Of Letting Us Book You Or Booking Yourself Or Just Wanting More Destination Information.

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