Before you book cheap, know what you are getting!

Personally, I get so many complaints about  Priceline, Expedia, Groupon to name a few from new clients.

“Before you book cheap, know what you are getting!”

A four-star may be a two star.

Hire Someone who has actually been there.

Reputable Travel Agent, or a Reputable Travel Consultant Such As myself.

I know when you ask for a four star, we will send you to a four star.

My Job relies on it, not how many people fill the hotel.

Your happiness and relaxation are what I look for in a hotel,

What accommodates you best.

We can add tours, activities, concerts. we are in the know.

When you hire a doctor, dentist, house cleaner, yard maintenance, nanny.

You want the best for your money.

And I want the best for your vacation as I am expert in Travel, We do actual hotel inspections.

Give you the best bang for your buck, not what I think should be filled up hotel wise.

Do not be fooled by advertising, beautiful pictures that may have been taken 20 years ago.

Do you like sitting on hold 30 minutes or more and then to be transferred again?

No right, I would never put a client on hold, and even on my days off, I get back to them within the hour.

You get a real live person within the hour or less if I am with a client.

We answer emergencies 24 hours a day.

If you have an emergency and I will text you right back texting only for emergencies.