Client Portal FAQ

Below you will find a brief overview of how to access your client portal, view your information, and make a payment.

To begin, you will receive an email from us that looks like this image. You may need to check your junk or spam folder for this email as it is sent from our system and not our email address.

Scroll to the bottom of this email and click on the blue activate button.

Activate Now 1

On the new screen that just opened, choose which social media you wish to use to access your client portal. If you have Gmail, you can also use the "Login With Google+" If you have Yahoo mail, you can also use the "Login With Yahoo"

Client Portal Activate

You will now have an overview of your client portal. Any Task that may need to be complete like verifying the information in our system is correct, can be found in the "Assigned Tasks" sections.  Any task completed sends the system a message to change the information that we have input. So, if there is an incorrect Date of Birth or incorrect Spelling, your completed tasks will allow the system to know that a change needs to be made. Please always verify that your tasks are completed.

Client Portal Welcome

On the left side of the screen, click on "Trip Management" and then on "My Trips"

Side Screen Portal

This new page will now display all of your trips and proposals. Select one of your trips to review all the reservations and activities on that trip.

My Trips Portal

On the selected trip, click on either "View" in the upper right corner or the phrase "Click to view additional details about this trip" located at the bottom.

My Trips Portal

On this new page, all your documents that we have uploaded to your portal can be found. This will include any invoices and confirmations from the vendor.

By clicking the green payment button on this screen, you can also make a payment or set up a future payment date.

View My Payment Portal

Once you have selected the green button to make a payment, make sure your card information is up to date, and enter the amount and the date you want the payment to be made. You can set up multiple dates if you wish so that you can simply set it and forget it.


Your At The End Great Job!

End Payment Portal