Flights Low Prices

Fill out the form below whether you need a Flight ticket! For Groups or Business we have charters Flights and private jets available.

Please let us know where you are going and what you need in the comments or requests.

Lowest Flight Prices? When Pigs Fly Right! 

Wild Fun Travel works with many wholesalers, direct air suppliers and they are the best at what they do including finding the lowest prices out there.

  1. Book last minute we cannot guarantee low flight prices. If a special comes up it is your lucky day.
  2. Prices change by the minute and airlines can be fickle which is why we say book ahead plan ahead.
  3.  We try our best on your behalf to tell you of flight changes.
  4. We are you go-between with the airlines when you need us such as luggage loss etc. In the majority of cases, we get your luggage back to you by the next day delivered to your hotel. Some airlines will give luggage to hold your other things while waiting for your other one just in case they lost it. Wild Fun Travel has seen it all, and we work our hardest on your behalf while you try and continue your vacation.
  5. We can not guarantee the airline will comply. They have there rules and regulations.
  6. Wild Fun Travel also strongly advises you to get travel insurance to cover expenses for clothing and luggage loss etc.
  7. We can give you luggage fees, curbside fees etc., We will always tell you to check the link pricing can change minute to minute with the airlines.
  8. Remember when going on a flight these are people just like you and me, who do our jobs. Give them a break they are told what policies and rules to use from the Airlines. Flight Attendants give a smile and want to make sure you stay safe and secure so put on your lap belt when they ask. Comply and stay calm and you will have a great flight.
  9. If you have children I understand as I have a couple myself and not so little anymore.
  10. Children-Brings there favorite snacks and drinks, let them pack a bag with one toy, one favorite stuffed animal. Activity books and coloring crayons. Seat them by the window keeps them busy looking outside. Give them a camera so they can take pictures or if to young help them journal what they want to say and do along the way. Keep smiling children feel your anxiety, worries etc. stay calm and peaceful and they will too. Before you know it you have landed 8 hours later.