Important Forms

Personal Travel Assessment
This online form helps me identify your "travel style" and make suggestions based on your answers. Please take a moment and complete this form so that I am able to design a more personalized vacation just for you!

Click HERE to complete the form.

  • Wild Fun Travel Book Your Vacation with ease and secure transactions.
  • Please Fill these forms out once a year.
  • Sign Up: At The Customer Portal to help us communicate with you when your on the go, and with your daily lives of working and family and friends we hope to make each vacation special and respect your time. After your done all you do is login on the top under Client Portal.
  1. Plan To Go Agreement
    ​This required agreement defines our relationship as far as who is responsible for what throughout the transaction as well as what level of service you are requesting from Wild Fun Travel Professionals.

Click HERE to complete the online Plan To Go Agreement

2. Travel Insurance Acceptance/Declination Form
This form is required for all travelers if you opt out of the online electronic option in your client portal. If you have the authority to accept or decline travel insurance for everyone in your group you may use this form on behalf of everyone. If you do not have authority to accept or decline for everyone please have each person complete a separate form.

Click HERE to complete the online Travel Insurance Acceptance/Declination Form

3. Payment Authorization Form
​This form is required for all credit/debit card transactions if you opt out of the electronic authorization in your client portal. For convenience, you can authorize a deposit amount and a final payment amount on a specific date on this form. Please be advised that when using this form I will require a copy of the front and back of your credit card as well as a copy of your Passport or ID you will be using during travel. This helps protect me and you as the card holder against credit card fraud.

Click HERE to complete the online payment authorization. REMEMBER to email a copy of the front & back of your card with a copy of your ID to process payment.