Lost ID

It is important for travelers to make copies of IDs and other important documents, such as:


  • Passports

  • Vaccination certificates

  • Travelers check receipts

  • Plane tickets

  • Credit cards

Most airlines accept photocopied forms of ID, although they handle lost or stolen ID issues on a case-by-case basis. Remember: Photocopied identification should be carried separately from the actual IDs. Another helpful tip is to make a digital copy of your driver's license and other ID and e-mail it to an easily accessible account through the Web. If you lose your ID, you can simply pull up the copy on a nearby Internet connection and print it.

The best advice is often the most common: Be prepared by taking steps to prevent ID loss and theft.

Travelers should keep IDs close to the front of the body, carry additional forms of ID and photocopy ID cards.

For more information about how to handle a lost ID, contact your airline.


You can always leave the copies with a relative, or your travel agent.