Top Three Reasons To Book With Us

Top Three Reasons To Book With Wild Fun Travel

We work hard and we are not paid until you book a vacation and go, No one works for free.

  1. We give you a quality vacation with preferred suppliers, and our experience and knowledge and, we have been there and done that.Back to our preferred supplier's and direct contacts, they listen to what we say and it is taken seriously.

2. When you call you get an experienced travel expert, not one of thousands and passed around and they have not been there.We are not Price Checkers or OSA's for You. If you want to spend countless hours wasting precious time online or you can have our experience and we have direct contacts with our preferred suppliers.

3. One of the most important things we our there Before, During , and After the Vacation. Making sure you are relaxing and having fun while we work hard in the background with our preferred suppliers making sure your having a great time.

Some of the things we do for our customers while traveling:

  • We send at least three quotes on average.Cheaper is not always better when you expect your hard earned money to bring you the best vacation.
  • We send you a text 48 hours to 1 week before telling you to Check in with Airlines and baggage.
  • Do you need a Town car, Limo, Shuttle at airport arrival.
  • Do you need a chartered Jet for your group, and or private helicopter.
  • Making sure your room/home/villa is ready when you arrive your not left waiting for hours while they clean, or cannot find you a room, oops they overbooked, we make sure you have booked an actual room directly.
  • Do you need a place to go for a birthday dinner, tea luncheon etc. Fine Dining Reservations
  • Tours and Excursions-Everyone wants to enjoy and outing or two on vacation whether it swimming with dolphins, horse riding or dune buggy's in the desert. Maybe a candlelight cruise or a private helicopter tour of the city, sunrise, and or sunset.
  • Luggage lost and no help call us we get you to the right person and make sure if your luggage is damaged it is replaced or the cost is replaced
  • Why Insurance Cancellations, Emergencies, Lost or Stolen Luggage, most important loss of life Don't leave your family struggling.