10 Hilarious Books That Will Easily Distract You

Take a break.

I’m tired. I’m tired of worrying all the time. I’m tired of being stressed out when I remember [insert literally any current event], I’m tired of waking up alone and going to bed alone and sobbing in the middle of the day randomly, etc. I’m tired. I’m. Just. Tired. Are you? You are, too, right? You are. In some way, big or small, we all are. That said: Do you want to take a break with me for a little while? Perhaps just turn off the world around you for several hours, and–as difficult as this might seem–laugh? Do you feel like laughing at something? I feel like laughing at something. These books do that for me. These books make me laugh hard. Whether it’s a “this is so damn stupid” sort of laugh, or an “oh my god, I feel that way too!” relatable sort of laugh, these 10 reads are funny, smart as hell, and extremely necessary right now.

Royal Families Are Experiencing Lockdown WAY Differently Than You Are

It’s good to be the king (or queen) in the age of coronavirus.

Keeping up with the Royals is something the world collectively loves, whether that be watching the wedding of a prince or following the family drama—the time of coronavirus is no exception. We’ve been following their quarantine-activities and, turns out, most are not just like us. From jetting off to private islands to quarantining inside beautiful homes and castles, these are the ways your favorite royals are spending lockdown.

Try Living Off the Grid in These 12 Communities

If you want a taste of off-grid living without making a full-time commitment, these are the communities that will welcome you with open arms.

The urge to quit it all and live an off-grid lifestyle on some remote Nordic island might overcome us all sometimes. Mostly, however, we’re just after a temporary reprieve from incessant emails, rush-hour traffic, and the convenience of electric light. Off-grid communal living has had something of a renaissance since its heyday in the 1960s, with many now seeking to digitally detox and simplify their lives. While these communities are often for residents-only, some invite outside visitors to experience life without WiFi where wilderness and human connection can take center stage.

What’s Flying Going to Be Like Post-Pandemic?

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages across the world, the aviation industry has been completely upended.

Due to the initiatives designed to prevent the spread of the COVID-19–from government-mandated travel restrictions to social distancing to the closure of businesses like hotels and restaurants–people simply aren’t flying, creating a major drop in demand and serious financial problems for airlines. The situation changes each day–everything from current cancellation policies to in-flight social distancing procedures. If you have a specific question about your booking, reach out to your airline directly for the most up-to-date information. Otherwise, here are some things you can expect for flying now and anticipate for the future.

Experience America’s National Parks in This Uniquely Incredible Way

Online national park experiences are an excellent Plan B.

In this new coronavirus world, we may not be able to escape to the National Parks as we once did. Some have modified their operations, while others—including Yosemite, Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain, and Statue of Liberty—are completely closed for now. But never fear. There are many different ways to access their beauty and serenity from the safety of our homes. Here are some suggestions.

8 Weird Delivery Services You Didn’t Know You Needed

“Drop my single potato by the doorstep, thanks.”

Times are tough. It’s good to remind yourself that we’re not alone and that if you really need something, chances are high that it can be delivered straight to your front door. And astoundingly, if that “something” is a book of spells or counterfeit money, rest assured: you’re in the clear. Here are a few other peculiar effects that can be shipped straight to you (or to your friends), no need to grab your mask and run to the store.

#NotBadNews: The Queen Gives You a Birthday Present

In todays #NotBadNews, we look at the Dutch invention allowing for nursing home visits, the pet who still hasnt wrapped their head around work from home, and our favorite drink presented by an actor-turned-bartender.

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