Travel Tips

Family Traveler


1. Have Vacuum Storage Bags.

2. Mini Vacuum depending on where you are staying ( On occasion I have been known to borrow the Housekeepers vacuum.)

3. Have Small Accessories (hairbrush, shampoo, conditioner, hairspray etc.) *check with airline for sizes before you go.

4.Always put a lock on your suitcase after you go through security. ( less chance of someone taking something out of your suitcase from baggage claim, yes I know because in my early years I worked at the airport and saw it even happen to the pilots.This is not legal advice. read 5, please!

5.If valuable take on the plane with you. ( engagement rings, cash, passports, credit cards, phone etc.)

6.Relaxing- Take a book, homeopathic pills, whatever you need to relax you before you go on your journey, for me I love to people watch, or read a good book it relaxes me. Breath (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

7.If you have children or teens-Have them pack a bag with you that goes on the plane or in the car with them.
a) Children-Two favorite toys, two snacks + crackers, mints to chew on for ears, two drinks + water, A travel journal and child’s camera is a must, so they can capture moments of travel you would never think of.
b) Teens-A tablet, cell phone, battery-operated video game + extra batteries( in case there is no signal) two snacks + crackers, two drinks + water, chewing gum, or mints to chew on for ears, a camera and tell your teen they must take pictures to get a reward at the end of your trip.(>‿◠)✌

8.If you get nauseous Anything with ginger does help or crackers Make sure you are well hydrated? See your Doctor before you try anything. We are not medical advice.

9.Pack your patience, sanity, and leave the rest at home and call your Travel Consultant for the rest!

Author Paula Honroth (✿◠‿◠) Copyright Wild Fun Travel